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Targeted Literary Resources - African American Editors


Pentouch Literary

Pentouch Literary is a Black-owned editorial and communications consulting
firm specializing in black literature and offering copy editing, line editing, developmental book editing, writing, and indexing services. Website: www.pentouch.com

Chandra Sparks Taylor

She has worked with some bestselling, established authors, and many emerging authors. She does line editing, copyediting, and proofreading
for a number of publishers (Voice: 718-341-3688; E-mail:cstedit1@aol.com or

Sonya Vann

Sonya works with experienced, bestselling, and emerging authors. Her fees are competitive and she can usually complete editing projects within a reasonable time period. E-mail: sonyavann@yahoo.com.

Kathi Williams-Barber P.O. Box 39302 Baltimore, MD 21212-6302 (410) 243-4202 office (410) 235-8887 fax E-mail: aminahbe@hotmail.com or aminahwrites@worldnet.att.net Full freelance writing and editing services including proofreading, copyediting, and ghostwriting articles and producing newsletters, annual reports, brochures, and the like. Specializing in the following computer applications: Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher; QuarkXpress; the Internet; and more.

EBM Professional Services

EBM is a full service editorial firm specializing in copyediting, content editing, and proofreading.

Website: www.ebm-services.com
Email address: michelle@ebm-services.com


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